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Vortex Mint




ENGINE11 Vortex – Best for both world

Bike commute, training, racing or whatever you can call it, satisfaction guaranteed.

Also we’re very happy about the new color ways. The colors came out better than we expected. Those of you who are tired of seeing same color frames over and over, these are the frames we made for you guys.

What’s new on NEW Vortex frames?

We added XS size. Yes, we did it. Some of riders having hard time finding right size, specially smaller size. We’ve got lots of requests asking for smaller size and we made it happened. Also the colors. We’d like to make a nice frames and yes we want you guys ride pretty bikes. We used unique type of gradient which formed by dots, not just colors. The old frames came with black carbon-aluminum fork but new Vortex frames come with ‘matching’ painted carbon-alu fork which looks fantastic!


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